with Konrad Bohley, Almut Elhardt, Florian Egermann, Stephan Ganoff, Felipe González, Theresa Samimizad, Evamaria Schaller, Julia Scher, Reut Shemesh, Niklas Strang and Janina Warnk.

The biennial Ensemblia Festival transforms Mönchengladbach into a vibrant center of contemporary culture. Since 1979, this interdisciplinary festival, the oldest of its kind in Germany, has presented diverse programs that go beyond new music to encompass various cultural disciplines. The next edition of Ensemblia, themed “Intersections,” will take place from June 16–18 this year.

At the suggestion of Ensemblia, Julia Scher has invited the collective BLENDING Q to participate in a joint performance evening. BLENDING Q is a group of Cologne-based artists who are counterintuitively connected by their common interest in questions of sex, gender, body, (re)presentation, and performance. Organized nomadically, they consistently host engaging, highly sensory evenings at various venues.

Admission is free. Please register in advance by sending an email to: ensemblia@mgmg.de

Photo: © 2023 blendingQ