10 March – 12 May 2024

Atelier Strichstärke of the Evangelische Stiftung Hephata has been working together with art mediators from the Museum Abteiberg in the museum’s painting class for several years under the title “Atelier vor Ort”. To mark the 100th anniversary of the Walter Kaesbach Foundation, the participants focussed on works of Expressionism. The paintings and sculptures on display became the basis for finding individual ideas and realising them in their own visual language.

For the first time, the self-taught works of the Atelier Strichstärke will be shown in a room within the museum and thus made accessible to a broad public. On display are works by Petra Bleilevens, Uwe Bock, Saskia Eckert, Alexandra Hacks, Fernanda Hacks, Michaela Hillenbrand, Frank Krienen, Paul Moll, Vivianne Moll, Ulrich Müller, Sascha Offer, Alessandro Saban, Helmut Schneider, Martin Schroers, Andrea Schroer, Rainald Stassen, Ina Strakeljahn und Natalie Zimmer. Texte von Gaby Bunzel, Tina Georges, Marco Houben, Natalie Juch, Andreas Rohr und Anja Weiß.


Sunday, 7 April, 11.30 am and 3.30 pm
Short guided tours on the First Sunday

Sunday, 14 April, 3 pm
A way of being human
Talk with Dr Ralf Seidel, Yvonne Klaffke and Henrike Robert

Sunday, 21 April
11.30 a.m.
An experimental art journey – guided tour for visually impaired, blind and sighted people with Tamara Herbers
1 pm
Music with “the weird birds”Schräge Vögel”
Band of the Evangelical Foundation Hephata

Foto: Atelier Strichstärke