7 pm (admission 6 pm)
TALK “The Punitive Machine God Critiquing a Technocratic Ideology”
Max Franz Johann Schnetker
Scientific and technological perspectives are commonly thought to be at odds with religious worldviews. Yet our daily lives are steeped in rituals and collective practices that bring us face to face with technical artifacts and apparent necessities in ways reminiscent of religious encounters. A contemporary example is transhumanism. This philosophical and political movement presents itself as rigorously rational and entirely secular, yet it infuses technical and economic contexts with religious overtones, even venturing at times to construct technological deities. In this talk, we’ll use this aspect of the transhumanist mindset as a key to reveal something far more profound: the integration of Christian worldviews into ostensibly scientific thought. In doing so, we aim to address the question of why our seemingly independent and self-directed lives are interrupted by the presence of punitive machine gods. This event is a collaboration with Eine Erde e.V. and MG Artfriends.

An instrumental band navigating the intersection of electronics, minimalism, jazz, and drone — offering music that emerges from the misty lowlands of the Lower Rhine. Georg Sehrbrock (keyboards), Peter Körfer (baritone electric guitar, loops), Andre Hasselmann (drums), and Markus Türk (trumpet) weave sonic tapestries in the realm of “experimental ambient post-jazz. Straddling the line between raw power and delicate sonic artistry, often adorned by Markus Türk’s evocative trumpet, their work brims with innovative concepts,” as the music magazine Westzeit described it in a review of their live album ELSEWHERE.

Due to COVID-19 hygiene regulations, fixed seating on the lawn, controlled entry and exit and “easy tracking” in the form of lists of visitors is required. There will be tickets, limited to a maximum of 150 people due to the distances to be kept. As these measures produce costs, the usual museum entrance fee will be charged (8 EUR/ reduced 5 EUR). Members of the museum association or MG_Artfriends and Eine Erde e.V. have free access due to their membership, but also need one of the numbered tickets.