Sunday, January 29, 2023, 3 pm

with production team members
Susanne Rennert & Susanne Titz, Lukas von Monkiewitsch & Tobias Sawitzki, Studio von Monkiewitsch, Petra Hollenbach
along with invited guest
Guido Kohlenbach, Head of the Regional Cultural Development Division at the Landschaftsverband Rheinland
in the museum’s lecture hall.

January 29 marks the launch of Museum Abteiberg’s new website www.museum-moenchengladbach-1967-1978.de, which highlights findings from comprehensive research that Düsseldorf-based art historian Susanne Rennert has been conducting since 2016. The digital archive project documents and visualizes Museum Abteiberg’s prehistory along with the famous exhibition and education program that former director Johannes Cladders (1924–2009) developed for the old Städtisches Museum on Bismarckstraße.

Following on from the 2020 print publication The Box Catalogues of the Städtisches Museum Mönchengladbach 1967–1978, the digital publication offers even more insight into the Mönchengladbach museum’s program between 1967 and 1978 — including many previously unknown documents and inspiring discoveries.

Susanne Rennert and the production team will introduce the pilot concept behind the new website in a media presentation in the lecture hall on January 29. The event includes a discussion of new possibilities for digital museum work, in particular as it relates to making difficult-to-access art historical archives more available to researchers and contemporary audiences.

* Due to the large volume of text and material, the website will initially appear in German only. We are, however, aware of the considerable interest in the history of the Cladders era in Mönchengladbach, which is why we wanted to provide information about it now. Our goal is to make this long-awaited resource accessible to the international research community as quickly as possible. We hope to offer an English-language version of it at a later date

Author: Susanne Rennert
Concept: Susanne Rennert, Susanne Titz, Petra Hollenbach
Editing & Production Team: Susanne Rennert, Susanne Titz, Jonas Keck, Gian Marco Hölk, Henrike Robert
Photographic Documentation Box Catalogues: Tobias Hohn & Stanton Taylor
Creative Direction: Studio von Monkiewitsch, Cologne
Technical Realization & Production: Tobias Sawitzki for Studio von Monkiewitsch

The digital archive www.museum-moenchengladbach-1967-1978.de is a pilot project made possible with research funding from the
Landschaftsverband Rheinland and support from Museum Digital, a funding program by the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia.