Political involvement and artwork are inseparable for US-American artist Andrea Bowers (b. 1965 in Ohio, lives and works in Los Angeles). In the course of over two decades, she has forged an artistic position that combines thoughtful aesthetic practice with a political stance and a feminist perspective. Civil resistance and its translation into an artistic language strike a skillful balance in her work, which unites conceptual and formal with socially relevant approaches. Her preoccupation with forms of non-violent protest is characterized by historical consciousness and archival curiosity; she addresses the history of political activism and feminism and their visual languages.

At Museum Abteiberg, Andrea Bowers will show important works from recent years and open the museum space to a project she is currently developing that is inspired by young activists of current ecological and feminist movements in the Rhineland. Andrea Bowers is now available for interviews on the development of her current work for the Museum Abteiberg, which is being realized in cooperation with the Weserburg Museum Bremen. A joint catalogue will be created using the site-specific projects in both cities as a basis.